AO Oni was a hacker on MovieStarPlanet in 2013 (UK server ).

Who was she?

She was said to have a link with Tipwatch.

Hacker 5

Not much is known about AO Oni. Well AO Oni is a horror game...We don't have much documentation about this hacker. Nor do we know if she is still active on MSP, or what she does to her victims.

Unfortunately AO Oni quit hacking almost as soon as she started so we didn't get enough to time to record a lot of information but if she happens to come back to MSP we will try our hardest to learn as much as we can.

We do know she was probably one of the most famous hackers of her time, along with Anonymous and Tipwatch because of all her fakes.

Also unlike most hackers we aren't fully sure what she made her victims' status because of how soon she quit hacking.


AO Oni usually has blue (old) starter hair, blue (old) starter tank top, no shoes, and a blue (old) starter dress bottom.

She is truly a mystery, and that makes her more dangerous to MSP. Without much info about her, and how to avoid her, all we can say is be careful! If you ever come in contact with her, do NOT make any connections or talk to her.


  • Her appearance is based on a Japanese horror game called AO oni.
  • It is said if she adds you it means your next
  • She may have a link with Tipwatch
  • Because of all her fakes, she must of been a pretty famous hacker when she was around.
  • 青鬼(AO oni) is Japanese for blue demon.
  • She could have hacked a lot of people,due to the fact she has a lot of fakes
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