The anonymous virus 2016 seems major, some believe some don't (I won't judge) Anonymous (also known as Anon) Has had several accounts, her recent one I've checked out (Her first account Deleted user, second: Chercole, extra test and further test (-now-) She started in 2012, being the first hacker on Moviestarplanet. With a forum called: Little test: This forum said something along the lines of

"Hi ;D

I am anonymous, I am level one and non VIP, I can do almost anything -nobody's safe- "

I can't help but applaud her on how well she's done... so far.... We need to stop her ruining our Accounts (to some it's an account but to others it's their lives) 4 Years later she's doing a virus (they say all of them have got viruses!)

She IS dangerous, so beware there's a rumour about not wearing purple, Check Onlycalledbex for more details (I found the purple thing from her she wants to wear purple XD)


TheCult!! MAY be anon or may be her BF/BFF from proof!

Stay safe

Contact a hacker hunter if you are concerned

BLOCK hackers and REPORT them

Don't talk to them

Become a hacker hunter (if you want to) Ask a team!