• Megpoidrockstar

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I've been looking at this wiki for a few hours now, and if this post isn't in the right section (I believe it is, but just to make sure), I'll try to move it to the correct one, and I apologize in advance. If it doesn't belong here at all, then please delete it. Thank you.

    I'd like to know if anyone is familiar with the user/possible hacker The Grudge!!!! (she may also go by The Grudge!!). I kept a journal about them and other hackers around 2013 and apparently I was hacked by her on my backup, as well as a few others. I didn't want to make an article about this, I just wanted to see if anyone was familiar with the user. I've only seen 1 video on Youtube so far and that was around when they hacked, they seem…

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  • Ihasfriendshipbracelet


    September 19, 2018 by Ihasfriendshipbracelet

    Hello people who are reading this! I just created a wiki! It is called slime instagramer and type of slime wiki! Hope you contribute to it soon! It is in my profile and don't be scared to ask me if you want to be a mod or admin!

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  • *Creativename*

    2016 is when most of these events took place. But I will start from the beginning.  I had a friend that went to my school and we both played MSP together. We wanted to take part in our own hackings so we made our own hacking account, "Holawere." We weren't that active but we may have hacked maybe around 5 - 8 people. I've deleted the account so it's pointless to look up. One day I decided to be a hacker hunter on UK. I made the account, "Black Knight 2836." I loved the UK server so much I was friends with so many nice people I never wanted to leave. But in October 2016 I was hacked. They observed how I acted on the account and pretended to be me so nothing was suspected. I tried messaging my friends I have on the account through another ac…

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  • ItsJinxed

    Hey hunters! It's me Aidan here again. Today I have some new updates that might interest you. So, why don't I get started!

    So, if you didn't notice by now, this isn't your regular forum post. This is a... drumroll please... a BLOG POST! Aha, yes. Now on I will be posting these updates on blog posts. Now don't worry, I will still be posting on the forum, but I will link to this blog post. Just for those users who actually care about what I'm writing and want to still check back on their usual way of getting information.

    You may be asking, why would you do this Aidan?!?! Well the answer is pretty simple. I just wanted more freedom when I post things. Doing things in blog posts is just like making an article, just without the constant worry of cl…

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  • ItsJinxed

    BlackLilac was created on 15/06/18 I made this because she hacked 5 people the day she joined some believe she got locked out, I believe she is an old hacker that came back, I have no idea, but I thought I'd make a short page on her... Make Sure You Stay Safe. She knows alot of things she isn't meant to.

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  • ItsJinxed

    Uk Hackers

    July 8, 2018 by ItsJinxed

    So here are some UK hackers that could be active!

    Ginger Death, GreenPinkHacker, miss filly (BACK FOR 2016) ,Zalgo !,The Grim Reaper, The dolly (BE WARNED), Anon ,KILLER CLOWN ON MSP ,Miss Outrage, Unknown Female, Unknown Male. Those are some of them.

    Ginger Death

    Ginger Death will log into your account and change you into your ugliest clothes. Then she'll unfriend all your bff's and boyfriend/girlfriend.Finally she changes you password!


    She will log you out and send your clothes away. She's not very known bur she is very real! Then She'll make a new status. She's not very dangerous but still :T your clothes !

    Miss Filly

    First you will hear a song called Twisted Nerve,from the movie Kill Bill. It's Called miss filly's whistle on h…

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  • Bunbun500


    May 24, 2018 by Bunbun500

    So it's obvious that Anonymous might be coming back (and if this is true, TheCult is too) due to what happened within the login screen. But I think we should also talk about another elephant in the room. Riz. So we've seen him also in the login screen with Anym, and it kinda creeped me out. But what shooked me the most is that he also hacked the high-scores and no one has seen to notice yet. I think this just happened almost an hour ago but it happened, and here is the proof. I don't know what to say past this point but I just know this is a start of something big...

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  • CryingSouis

    Stuff about me.

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  • Skeletøn Bones

    About Me

    April 27, 2018 by Skeletøn Bones

    Hey guys! Luni here, back at it again with a new account for MSP Fandom. Thanks for stopping by!

    I used to hack in late January 2012 until March 2017; my main target in 2017 was Hamdia5225. She annoyed me so much that I had to use Charles 4.2 to find her password. But little did I know, she knew. She knew this at the time and downloaded the software, making it risky for me to find her password again after she retrieved her account and snatched it out of my control once and for all. I blocked her after that and continued living a normal (well not normal, ADDICTING should I say) MSP life. Nobody found my real username because my main is on a server that nobody can access, making it impossible to report my main and get her IP banned.

    The thing …

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  • Lilyisacat

    I need you to decode a video!  ( I can't speak polish so I need your help!)

    Message me if you're intrested!

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