• LlamacornsXD


    June 24, 2017 by LlamacornsXD

    bored af

    lmao i'm looking at memes

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  • LlamacornsXD

    God dammit

    June 23, 2017 by LlamacornsXD

    MooniBlue vandalised TheCult!! Why do people do this?

    THANKS AIDAN!! YOU FIXED IT *claps for Jinxed*

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  • CatSparkles

    I'm back!

    June 20, 2017 by CatSparkles

    Hello! I'm back!! Long time no see!! I'm soooooo happy I'm back! I haven't been on this account for any wiki lately, so I'm glad I'm back. I made a new page called Evergage , because yesterday I was on my other account and was chatting with my Moviestarplanet Wiki account, and then I searched the friend's name and up came her blog. I read on, and found out about Evergage. I deceided to make her a page! Anyways, that's all I've gotta say, goodbye!


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  • BubbleGumGamerGrrlxD


    June 14, 2017 by BubbleGumGamerGrrlxD


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  • CentureMSP


    June 8, 2017 by CentureMSP


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  • CentureMSP

    hey guys

    June 7, 2017 by CentureMSP

    I got invited here by a friend and I love this wikia its everything for me I love it :) I can't wait to help out :p

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  • Black and white toy

    msp darling and populargirl7182 have joined together to hack mspso watch out (d).

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  • Icanthinkofanameok


    June 2, 2017 by Icanthinkofanameok

    Hi so I'm back yes but I remade the page I had from ages ago when I was on FunDuckGoesQuack but I made a 2016 page for the year cause of the marks it has left on the community, is that ok? Just asking haven't been on in ages can't remember how this worked that well! Also why does nobody go on the live chat anymore I remember when like 10 people were on it at once!!

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  • Autotunenerd

    She finally did it. After almost 24 hours the hacker "m a l c o n t e n t" hacked my friend Mahoux, and I, like him the first time, watched it happen.

    This time however, she did change things on his account.

    She changed his status to "Big Brother is Watching (d)" like with my experience and also uploaded the same photo that's on her account to his. Next, she deleted his other artbook and YouTube playlist, replacing the latter with a quite creepy series of videos. Finally, she changed his artbook warning people about her to a full screen of that photo with the following in red TWICE:




    He hasn't came online yet, but I have these messages (in the gallery)

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  • Autotunenerd


    June 1, 2017 by Autotunenerd

    I've noticed in the time I've spent hacker hunting and even just playing MSP that there is a whole culture around hackers. The well-known ones are legends, the others having to scramble for recognition. There's a whole phenomenon around it, how people who can break into others' accounts on a kids virtual game are feared... and revered. They are given a god-like status and people even pretend to be them (See fakes). For a children's social platform, this is pretty dark.

    And it's not like it's only the fans. The hackers themselves actually play along, giving themselves catchphrases and special looks that only spur on the masses.

    Idk, it's a bit irrelevant so ignore this.

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