Broken day is a new hacker (United Kingdom). She is level 1.

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Her status says "Oops, looks like I broke your day... (d)"


We currently do not have much info on this hacker, nor do we know what she does when she hacks you. To stay safe, don't mess with her.


She has pale-ish skin, blue starter eyes, and a white jacket, pink buttons, white jeans, and black and green converse.


AbbeyLisdoon (Level 3) and Hope&FaithIPromise (level 17) Luckily Hope&FaithIPromise got her account back.Her most recent hack was 'F A I T H IN Y O U'. This was her most targeted victim. The other victims were said to have logged out but Hope got her account back straight away. 

What she does when she hacks you.

Taken from F A I T H IN Y O U

'I was talking to my friends two days ago and I got a message. The message was from 'Broken Day (d)'. I had heard of her and I had no idea why she made a new account. I started teasing her because I didn't know she actually hacked people and that was when I was logged out. I was frantically trying to get my password and I logged onto a really old account. I hardly realized I was typing it in but I HAD to know what happened. I looked up my account and surely enough it said her slogan. I looked at what time it was and saw the day was set back one. I couldn't get a screenshot of it I was so freaked out, My sister helped me get my account back.' 

She seems fairly harmless but she could be more dangerous then we think. Stay out of her way.


The convo between Maggie (f a i t h in y o u) and Broken Day (d)