This Category contains articles on hacker hunters.

Hacker Hunters are a group of people who hunt, and stop hackers.

Hacker hunters are on every server, and they risk their account for hackers.

Leaders and Servers

  • USA: Colored Hacker Hunters - Leader: Omg130421/RedHackerHunter 21 (YT: Gator Gerhardt)
  • UK: Team Rebels (aka Black Knights) - Leader: Black knight 777 (Black knight 777, YT: BlackKnight777)
  • CA: Colored Knights - Leader: BocaBubblez (CA and USA)/gold knight 329 (BocaBubblezUSMSP, YT: Boca MSP)
  • USA: Team Pastels - Leader: 2pear
  • USA: Plague Hacker Hunters - Leader: J!NXED (Plague Black) And Tayman30
  • US: East Coast Black Knights-Leader: Tayman30
  • Team Royals - UK server - Leader: {PixieROXS} (UK)
  • USA: Healthy Hacker Hunters - Leader: CherryhackerHunterGurl (Sign up here)


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