Team Two-Faced Conspiracy Theory: Team Two-Faced has 7 current memebers (Kensai, Nexterf, Toomuchskin, MyHour, Trudget, Phreak, and Hurting Smile). The original team (Kensai, Nexterf, Toomuchskin, MyHour, and Trudget) had 5 members."Team Two-Faced" has 13 characters in it if you subtract 7 from 13 you get 6. 6 added to 5 is 11,the 11th letter of the Alphabet is K. "KEnSAi" starts with K. If you look in the current Team Two-Faced picture Kensai is putting her finger to her lip like she is telling everyone to be quiet. To be quiet as in they're keeping a secret, what is this secret that they're keeping from us?

Each member is hiding atleast one of their eyes, if we split them into which ones are hiding two eyes and which ones are hiding one we get;{Toomuchskin, MyHour, and Phreak}= Hiding one eye {Nexterf, Kensai, Trudget and Hurting Smile}= Hiding both eyes. Take the number of characters in each member's name. Nexterf=7, Kensai=6, Trudget= 7, Hurting Smile=12, Toomuchskin=11, MyHour=6, and Phreak=6. Now add the number of eyes they're hiding to their numbers, Now it's; Nexterf=9, Kensai=8, Trudget=9, Hurting Smile=14, Toomuchskin=12, MyHour=7, and Phreak=7.

The alphabet has 26 letters, we are now going to take the numbers from before and figure out each member's "Special Letter"

Nexterf=I, Kensai=H, Trudget=I, Hurting Smile=N, Toomuchskin=L, MyHour=G, and Phreak=G.

The letters Spell Out> IHINLGG If we order the letters by the place everyone is in the Team photo it's 1.Toomuchskin 2.MyHour 3.Nexterf 4.Kensai 5.Hurting Smile 6.Trudget 7.Phreak That now makes the order of the letters>LGIHNIG Now add the beginning letters of everyone's name to the sequence beside their "Special Letter." We now get> LTGMINHKNHITPG Kensai is the one telling everyone to keep the secret or "Be quiet" and she likes to order things alphabetically backwards (zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba) So lets order the letter sequence in that formation. We now get>TTPNNMLKIIHHGG

There are a some words we can spell with some of these letters. But the 2 that come to mind are Him & King Take out the words him and kind from the text. We now have>TTPNLH

Everyone in the Team has special letters. MyHour=SISAPOM Kensai=KESA Nexterf=NXEF Skin=SKIN Hurting Smile=HS Trudget=TR Phreak=PH Add those letters and we get>TTPNLHSISAPOMKESANXEFSKINHSTRPH The words that stand out to me are:Skin, Step, Sister, Many. Remove these words from the letter sequence. We now get>TPNLHAPOKXFHSH We also have the words "Him, King, Skin, Sister, Step, Many" The sentence is coming together.

Code: The people laughed as step sister hung our king. She killed him, his flaming skin hanging. Many People Needed X

What does X stand for? Who is the step sister? Who is the king? Who are the people? What does this mean?

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