Video posted by EpicFailGames c- in September 201415:01

Video posted by EpicFailGames c- in September 2014

Dora xoxo is a hacker on MSP. She is found on UK, AU, US,& CA servers.

She is known for pranking along with hacking, she commonly uses the threat "Hello child (d)" or simply the devil emoticon. Her hacking originated in 2010, and targets adolescents. Despite her lack of popularity, she is said to have hacked 4 to 5 people in one day, video proof can easily be found when searching 'dora xoxo hacked me!' on YouTube. One user called Sa$$y or $a$$y was a massive target of her.


Dora xoxo

She wears the old starter clothes which include: short brown, sometimes orange hair, a purple t-shirt, orange bottoms, white, or no shoes, a pale, sometimes tan skin tone, light pink lips, rare brown old eyes, a blue and pink monkey accessory (non-starter item), and a pointy nose.

What Does She Do To Her Victims?

When she hacks you she will message you with threats and wear your rares. She will change your password. your status, and then claim the account as "hers". But since she is a troll, she may not hack you, instead she might just be attempting to intimidate or rile you up. Real accounts will play creepy music on your computer when she wants to hack you, otherwise the account is fake.

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