Ishacool's status after being hacked by Ece.

Who Is Ece?

Ece was a hacker on MSP who became known by hacking many highscorers, including the highest leveled player on USA MSP Pumpchkin , and also hacked Ishacool , who was the highest leveled player on UK MSP at the time. She was a very popular hacker of her time in early 2014. She has hacked many other users.

What Does Ece do when she hacks you?


Notice Ece is grey, this means she hasn't been on recently.

She only changes your status.

Ece's Artbook


  • She is one of the only hackers to hack highscorers
  • She has hacked Pumpchikn and Ishacool
  • Apparently Ece hacked Ishacool because she was ignoring her messages