Tips on How not to get locked out

  1. DON'T Put "Hacker Hunter" In your username
  2. DON'T put H*cker Hunter or Packer Hunter in your status
  3. DON'T put H*cker Hunter or Packer Hunter in Artbooks,Movies,ect
  4. DON'T go around saying "IM A PACKER HUNTER" or "IM A H*CKER HUNTER"
  5. DO put HH
  6. DO put your team ect "Team Rebels"
A Little Tip For Hunters02:21

A Little Tip For Hunters

For more tips watch

Raid Nets Video : A Little Tip For Hunters


The Reason i'm making this is so we can help lower the stats of Hacker Hunters being locked...As MSP has made it against the rules to be a Hacker hunter...because in Gator Gerhardt's Video "Msp Highscores are Hacked + MSP IS DEAD" she sent a email to MSP about her being locked after being unlocked and they responded with this


Credit to Gator Gerhardt aka Red

But Im not saying "Your Unlockable!" (Un lockable) You can still be locked out for breaking other msp rules.....

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