I am >LilacPinkHackerHunter< (on the UK server)

So, I wanted to give a little description of hackers from MY POV.


Basically.. When I think of hackers, viruses, etc, I usually think of something like this...

So.. A LOT of people think that people such as Anonymous, Grim Reaper, Miss Filly, Unknown Female, The Dolly, and people like that will come back.

Three words. They. Will. NOT.

When a "hacker" messages some "hacker hunters," the so-called hacker hunters freak out and think "OMG I AM GONNA GET HACKED!" The chances of you being "hacked" are lower than the chance of you getting an MSP Ultra, and that's pretty rare.

=-+-=How to stay safe=-+-=

So, a BUNCH of people claim to be hacked every day, or just say that a hacker is returning.

Sometimes they say there will be a virus, which is usually fake.

Though, the Anon & Grim virus was SOMEWHAT real. People WERE hacked. Some people DID get flashes/creepy laughs, etc. So the 2 viruses weren't exactly fake. So, I will

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