Lilyisacat is a discussions/chat mod on this wiki, most known for her drawings of hackers.


She usually wears creamy-coloured shirts found in the sweaters category in shops, and different coloured shorts. She usually wears blonde, grey or mauve hair, and has a range of star tattoos on her face and arms.

Hacker 'Hunting'

Lily likes to befriend hackers, And she does this within drawing them and speaking politely to them.


  • Lily has social media and her YouTube channel, and other personal things about her, which can be found here.
  • She has drawn a number of hackers on the wiki, and is most known for doing so.
  • Lily, in real life, has a cat, named Cat.
  • Untitled-0
    She does requests for drawing hackers or hacker hunters, on her blog.
  • Lily, in real life, has brown hair, pale skin and hazel eyes.
  • She likes YT poops, dank memes and illuminati.
  • Her channel is -Lilyisacat-

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