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Little bones (d) is a hacker on msp (USA)

Who is 'little bones'?

Supposedly, little bones is a new hacker. Some people claim that they have seen her, and sometimes were logged out and hacked by her.


Mostly in the USA servers, people said you can find her in monster and horror cafe.


Many of my friends tell me she works with grim, mostly because if anyone asks her about grim she just replies with "The time will come soon. (d)" or "I'm waiting for grim. (d)"


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I don't know where her status came from, but it's really creepy.

"Crack crack crack, your little bones go. (d)"


  • *She might be 13-16 telling from the way she talks and acts.
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  • Believed to be working with grim
  • Might be very dangerous.

How does she hack?

I believe that she has grim doing the hack but she may be part of it too. There is no known resource of how she hacks.


Mid-2016 beginer clothes

Hair: White ponytail/White sideswept hair

Shirt: White with a black bunny on it

Pants: Jeans (blue) with the rips in them.

Shoes: Purple and white.

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