Leader of the Dark Shadow Hacker Hunters.She is on USA her user is also midnightmoon67

midnightmoon67 is the leader of the Dark Shadow Hacker Hunters.Her Usa acc is midnightmoon67 and her UK is ()midnightmoon67() even though she barely goes on it.

Her encounters with hackers

Lord Zedd-She has been messaging him on USA.She doesn't take him seriously,because he hasn't been doing any harm to msp users.As far as she knows.

Wild Stalker-Wild stalker is a hacker that hacked her friend twice and deleted her friends accs.He acts perverted.And as far as midnight is concerned is that zedd is bffs with him.She has no idea about what wild stalker is going to do next.She is keeping a lookout to make sure he doesn't do anything.

Dark Specter-Dark specter messages her out of no where and says that he is zedds brother.And he knows how to anger her so he has been doing that.Specter has a planned destruction that will start soon.He told midnight that it was a destruction of the weak.And has been getting his family members and friends after midnight

Divatox-Divatox messaged midnight.She wears all red.And she seems to know zedd in real.Also thinks that she is all powerful.When she is not.

Her allies

-Hacker Stalkers

-Colored Hacker Hunters

-Blondie hacker hunters

-Team Rebels

-Rat hunters

Her youtube

Her youtube channel is midnightmoon67 heres the link to her channel

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