Miss Outrage / Madame Outrage was a hacker. (USA & UK) She appeared in February, 2013 on USA MSP.
Miss Outrage

Miss Outrage in the cafe. (USA)

MSP - Miss Madame Outrage ALERT!

MSP - Miss Madame Outrage ALERT!


Miss Outrage has red and black shiny hair. She's wearing a red and black stripy sleeveless top and black shorts. She has red and black trainers and a red lipstick kiss on her cheek.


Shortly after the account was made on USA, a hacker by the name of 'Madame Outrage' hacked a user by the name of 'The Shadow Queen', unleashing a forum on the hacked user on UK MovieStarPlanet. She hacked other people like TrafficConeLOL, SuperStar004..


Some people say they hear her scream on their computer, then get hacked. There is no proof of this however. Miss Outrage can also be on the login screen.


  • She is Natule.
  • She apparently has a YouTube channel on which she hacked people on both videos.
Madame Outrage

Madame Outrage on the login screen.