Who is Miss Silence?

Miss Silence is a hacker on MSP (USA) that began hacking since 2015, but the original Miss Silence account was made in August, 2016. She is quite new, but is quite dangerous, having multiple victims already.


Miss Silence has a short wine haircut and freakishly pale skin with cherry red lips.

Miss Silence

She also wears a leather black jacket and black boots.


Her first and most known victim is a user called Nina Bear.

Who does she hacks?

First, she goes in a random cafe chatroom and say in the chat "Don't utter a single word." And the first who spoke will be hacked by her. When she hacks you, she will changes your status to : "Silenced by Miss Silence. (d)"

How can I stay safe from her?

The only way to stay safe from her is, if you see her (Miss Silence's original account) in a cafe, don't talk and be silenced.
Nina bear

Nina Bear hacked or "silenced" by Miss Silence.

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