Guys there was a mod !! and pixi AT THE SAME DAY !!! - lokie style reporting this btw I have no clue whats going on for proof go search JuliaPanda! its a rare acc with kawaii eyes then go on photos then you can see that the mod the moderator was in Candireds room :o somethings going wrong what do you think? o-o my msp is lokie style btw.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 14.59.18
Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.30.21

I Was On MSP And Zac Sky Msged Me Saying "I'm In Your Room" So I Went There And He Was There! InWas So Freaked Out We Were "dating 😂" but it wasn't raid net cause he would put "YT RAID NET" but Zac said ily 2 bby hai peeps and some other things I recorder the whole thing (not uploaded yet)

Hi guys so i was on msp (sorry for bad spelling) and my friend a kember of the black knights msg me and said have you seen any flashes of any kind?. I replyed with. No she said hmmmm i wonder if somone knows anything about flashes please contact me on msp my user is GoldenGirl078 on uk

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