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Mysteriousbloodforever has been on UK MSP since February 2016, and she has been on for over a year now. She seems to think that she is a real hacker and has proven that by hacking somebody. She said that she's here for revenge just like Shadow Walker (d).


She tries to look scary, even when she can't, and just like Shadow Walker (d), she uses the style of "goth". Just like many other hackers, she uses the devil face alot. When she hacks users she uses the quote "Packed by Mysteriousbloodforever ~no one is safe~(d).


She says that she has been bullied and she hasn't been liked on her main account, so therefore she made a new account called Mysteriousbloodforever to hack. At one point, someone helped her with that and she stopped hacking for a while, however people kept on giving her hate, even though she told them to stop, and that's why she started hacking innocent people.

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