Who is Nexterf?

Nexterf is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (CA and USA.) He started hacking in August 2016.



His first victim was a user named DabGurl.


Nexterf's status is from a song called Lullaby by Tom Waits, the full paragraph is:

"Sun is red; moon is cracked. Daddy's never coming back. Nothing's ever yours to keep. Close your eyes, go to sleep. If I die before you wake. Don't you cry don't you weep. Nothing's ever as it seems. Climb the ladder to your dreams. If I die before you wake. Don't you cry; don't you weep Nothing's ever yours to keep. Close your eyes; go to sleep."

Relationship with Other Hackers

Nexterf is known to be acquainted with a fair amount of different hackers. Two he knew at the beginning of his account existence and one he met during his journey.

  • TheLadyDoctor: They are old partners. Nexterf called her "annoying."
  • whatever203: Nexterf has known whatever203 longer than he's known TheLadyDoctor. whatever203 is the one that began the hackings.
  • MyHour: On the CA server, MyHour is in the "lover" slot of Nexterf's best friend list. There are many theories around why she's in the lover slot. One is that they are dating in real life. ( Bungee approves of

this ship, please make fan art if you can, the ship is MyTerf, okay sorry I'll stop. )

  • Kensai: On Nexterf's CA account, Kensai is one of his best friends. They are the two original founders of Team Two-Faced.
  • Phreak: They are seen as one of Nexterf's best friends on the Canadian server. They are apart of the same team. He is seen on a video on Phreak's YouTube channel.
  • Hurting Smile: They are both apart of Team Two-Faced, no one really knows their relationship with one another.
  • B1g B1rd: He's been hacked by B1g B1rd before, then proceeded to hack his account back, and in the process hacking B1g B1rd's account. It seems like they have no other relationship besides hackers just going after one another.


  • According to one victim, when he hacks you, he uninstalls your recording software from your PC.
  • He is TheLadyDoctor.
  • He is dating MyHour.


Nexterf has tweeted a picture of two white circles with four letters/numbers on the side with the caption 'Soon.' Some people think it's MJ0L or MJ0I, although in a conversation with Nexterf he confirms that it is MJ01. In the corner of the picture is a very small gray text. Someone was able to zoom in and figure out that it said 'Always watching.'

Wiki Life

When he's inactive on MSP, he'll most likely still be active in the wiki. Him and Team Two-Faced (most times just him and Kensai) like to expose fake hackers on their pages with evidence.


  • He has a Twitter account.
  • You can just call him Jackson, Jack, or Jackie.
  • His birthday is November 9th.
  • He originally had a huge hacking project called the 'Exter Project' planned out until he temporarily quit, came back, and scrapped the idea.
  • He has a Wattpad account.
  • He has a YouTube that he plans on doing stuff on, but for now it's inactive. The link is here.

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