PinkHackingCrayola is a hacker on MSP. She is on UK, and has not been discovered on any of the other servers yet. However, she is rumored to also be on USA. Her most known victims is black knight 455 and black knight 424.


It began when she was consistently hacking black knight 455 every single day and she was messing with team rebels. Her username is PinkHackingCrayola. She is level 4 wearing a pink dress with pink hair.

Some people think that old hackers are making new accounts and that this is one of them. People suggest this because nearly all of the old hackers usernames are used in fakes. So, hackers moved on into making a unique username. Not a lot of information is yet here as this is could be the start of something big. Her account was made in February 2016.

The PinkHackingCrayola & DeviLalcia account is now locked forever or deleted since it cant be found by searching.

Her other account is DeviLalcia, a level 6 with dark clothes, pale skin, and scary looking teeth. She was created in November 2015.

What Happens If I Get Hacked By Her?

Victims say you hear a whistle, then get logged off. The second victim described this as 'a different whistle to Miss Filly's whistle. When she was getting hacked I thought it could be Miss Filly but later found out it was PinkHackingCrayola.

Warning Video

There is a warning video about PinkHackingCrayola. The video doesn't include things like the whistle and other important information because she had only hacked one person in the making of this video, but she seems like someone not to be messed with.



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