Queen's Knights is a new hacker hunter team on the UK


The founders are Sarah5691 and queen of coolness 123

How to become a member?

Contact them. Ask them if you may become a memeber.


  • Team Rebels
  • Team Metallic

Hackers they discoverd:

  • Magnitus
  • packerjack!!! RUN
  • Nightmare Error (d) (d)
  • The Toy Smasher
  • ANON is BaCK! (2016)
  • 1664y
  • Shadow In The Hallway 
  • RareLish
  • The White Eyes 456 
  • In The Hallway
  • HackerGurl 2007
  • TheWhiteSpider
  • HackerHeavyIsHere
  • yourWorstNightmareQueen
  • mandy manican
  • The Egg Head
  • twinsofsatan
  • XXXDeviluotttoplayXXX(d)

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