Raid nets profile.

Raid Net is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (USA and UK).

He is a new, and considerably dangerous hacker, who can within minutes gather an entire team from scratch, and proves, quite clearly, to be one not to mess with.                                                                                                                                  

What he can do:

Raid Net is extremly dangerous as he can get your IP address, hack into your webcam and hack your MSP account. There are many more things he can do, like, create viruses, hack the forums... etc...



  • Warm Blood (USA)
  • omg130421 (USA)
  • Black Knight 777 (USA)
  • BocaBubblez (USA)
  • / RareHare / (UK)
  • Pumpchkin (USA)
  • Holly Nova
  • Pixi Star
  • Zac Sky
  • piinksparkles0818 (USA)
  • J!NXED (USA)
  • Your Living Nightmare (USA)
  • Blackdaddyboss/Tayman30 
Msp Raid Net (New Hacking Group?)

Msp Raid Net (New Hacking Group?)