Raid Net or, Fuzzy (To those that decided that nickname)is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (USA).


Raid Net is a team of people, they are new, however, they have not only attempted to hack users, but also websites such as blogs. Raid Net has a youtube channel as well, he makes videos on there to help people and some aren't he also uses voice filters on this channel. Link to channel here:

What they do when they hack you

When Raid Net hacks you, he will send items to other users, promote the group, get the account locked forever or deleted, or even keep it.

If you're a hunter, he could find your IP and post it to the internet. He could also trace you through YouTube.


  • He says that he is not good, nor bad.
  • He is a group of people.
  • He has a YouTube channel that is called Diar Net
  • He was chatting to Gator and she nicknamed Raid Net 'Fuzzy' 

How to avoid getting hacked

Do not message him, add him, just don't do any interactions with him AT ALL. He is extremely dangerous,and he has a huge impact on your account, and MovieStarPlanet.


Appearance (Often changing)

Raid Net is pale, has the bloody red mouth that covers half of the face, black and purple hair, a shirt with a tie (sometimes no shirt at all) , and black pants.

Raid Net's New Account

Raid Net's new account, Black Market Dealer


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