Who is RK768 (Royal Knight 768)?

Royal Knight 768, aka, {PixieROXS}, is a regular hacker hunter on MovieStarPlanet. (UK)

Pixie's former hacker hunting account was Royal Knight 768. She was the founder of Error 222,and RK768 was hacked by her. Pixie no longer goes on that account. Pixie was inspired by the Team Rebels,so she lead her own team, Team Royals. It is an inactive group, so most of the time she goes hacker hunting herself. She has found many hackers,some were fake. But while being inactive (Sep 2015 - June 2016 ) Pixie was supposedly hacked, as this person added friends that joined in 2016, and her facials had changed. Her password wasn't changed, Thankfully.

IMG 20160919 155938 752

RK, hacked by Error 222

IMG 20161116 191521 750

Her enjoying her bowl of noodles

Appearance (RK768)

IMG 20160921 182802 047
IMG 20161001 221545 375

RK768's appearance was red-yellow eyes, Long dark red plaits, denim black shorts, celebrate red shirt, and new starter trainers. Pixie often changes outfits.

Error 222: The hackings

RK was hacked by error 222. She was targeted by The Lisa Doll, Error's twin. Ten minutes later, she got a message from a different person, a newb,saying she gives free vip. She gave her password on RK to see if she was Error. (and she was right.)

RK was then logged out and then her password was changed.


Pixie at times is selfish, mainly because she is annoyed and depressed. Her main goal is to get to level 20! She recommends you to help! And she may need more team members for her team.


  • She likes drawing
  • She is a fan of Undertale
  • She likes Sensations
  • She doesn't like tomatoes.
  • In real life, she has brown eyes and black hair.
  • She is on MovieStarPlanet 24/7
  • She's an advice columnist,so message her on MSP if you have a problem and she'll answer soon.
  • She likes noodles.
  • She likes Anime
  • She likes Nightcore
  • Her AU,CA, FR and NL accounts are @MissPixie
  • Her IE account is )PixieIsinternational(

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