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Who Is Silent Melodies?

Silent Melodies is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK).

Who Does She Hack?

They supposedly pick their victims at random, and the level, VIP status, or clothing of the victim does not matter to her. They have said to have hacked a level 6 user which was later on deleted. It is unknown if they can access emails or if the account was brand new and didn't have an email attached. They are also said to log you off and changes your password. They change your status to "The Melody has been silent (d) Packed By Silent Melodies" They also write in their main's guestbook "The Melody Has been silent (d) Packed by Silent Melodies" Also, they might buy their main's look.


We cannot say their victims username as that account was deleted... We also do not know if this was a backup account of the user... To make their look real.


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