MSP - SistersBloodyGirlly warning!!!01:22

MSP - SistersBloodyGirlly warning!!!


Who is SistersBloodyGirlly ?

SistersBloodyGirlly is a group of hackers on MSP (FR)


They starts playing MSP in 2012 as normal users. But at school they were tortured and they start hacking for revenge in September, 2016.


SistersBloodyGirlly contains 3 members :

  • Niarklly
  • Bloodlly
  • DarkNightlly

"SistersBloodyGirlly" is their main account.

What they do on your account?

  • When they hack you, they change your status to "Hacked by SistersBloodyGirlly (d) Our channel : SistersbloodyGirlly MSP."
  • They put sometimes animations on your account
  • They buy "bat necklace".
  • They change your password
  • They put you a newbie look.
  • They recycle almost all your clothes and give a few clothes to them.
  • They often give back your account.


They only hack who was evil with them such as []broken[] and they're often recording when they hack somebody.

They created a "little virus" on 4/17/17 at 11 pm.


  • They can be very nice and helpful.
  • They have a Youtube channel which can be found here
  • They are tripled sisters.

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