Here is a list of users that are members of Team Devils on the U.K server. It can be that some of them are also members of Team Silents or members of Team Terror. Some of them seem more like real hackers and others seem to have a desire to learn how to hack... Anyway, here's the list.. 

  • LoneSoul
  • Missing Doll
  • Th3 M1ss M0n4
  • Silent and Spooky
  • The Dolly (Team Devils)
  • PackerUnknown
  • FreakiixEvil (d)
  • Under The Elevator
  • Number 666
  • Lightning Wraith
  • Discarded Fear
  • Infant Silent
  • Le Cat Drinks
  • EccentricNight
  • Evil Wraith 
  • Silent and Dead
  • The Deth Stalker Minion 2
  • Silent and Scary
  • DarkMoonLightNight
  • {Liv Rose}
  • Dragged By The Past (Edit: fake, Black Knight 1614 is behind this troll.)
  • DangerSlash
  • W!CK3D 0NE
  • encrypted
  • Haunted Mirror (d)
  • BloodVirus
  • glitch ghost
  • LightLightNoMore
  • TheTerrigangs
  • The TerringangsBoss
  • TheScreamingChild (2016)
  • The Proxy (d)
  • b1ty4
  • b1ty3
  •  !LostDevilSoul!
  • <>SilentHorror<>
  • <>Revenge<>
  • Bloody Tina
  • climbing ur windows
  • silent and painfull
  • SilentKiller (d)
  • Error 222
  • Error 111
  • The Lisa Doll
  • TheVanillaRage

Hap* the chesire cat (d)

BlueBlackBoy899 (hacker defender the first one) py fellowing hunters...

Thë Dëmøn In Yøur Nightmarës

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