TheKowonia is a hacker on MSP. (NO) They joined in July 2016 and got locked out the same month. They apparently contact you through Skype.

When they hack you

They change your clothes to a black, long dress and the "Teeth". They change your status to "Packed by TheKowonia" It's unknown how many they have hacked. If you bother them, they may delete your user.


TheKowonia had black hair in a messy bun, a black ripped t-shirt, black ripped jeans and the Teeth accessory.

On their new account, they are wearing 2016 beginner clothes. long, black hair, black jeans and a black t-shirt. They have white eyes and the palest skin.

Locked out

TheKowonia got locked out on the 21st off July 2016. If you search up ''TheKowonia'' on Norwegian MSP, only a user called TheKowonia hjelper (TheKowonia helper) will show up. They are probably just a fake.

Now they have a new user - their new username is TheK.


  • #Sannheten
  • Friend with shadows


  • They just hack girls
  • They contact you through skype
  • They are probably 14-16 years old.


  • They like Panic! At The Disco

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