Might be the packers that pack?

On this day, (june 30th) It is said that hackers will come out and If you go into any chatroom. You would get logged out and hacked, Or maybe even locked out (for a week, month, or forever) The virus starts at 9PM

My friend's artbook
My artbook

How do I know this is true? Well, yesterday I logged on to get the daily spin (im sorry if that is not what its called I also play animal Jam) And my friend messaged me saying that the 30th is in 2 days. I did not know what she meant. So I said ''Whats gonna happen on the 30th?'' She said that on the 30th is when all the hackers (like raid net, Miss filly, Dolly) and If you go into a chatroom. you would get hacked. We decided to friend eachother on our backups and while I was friending her. My main was logged out. I started freaking out and logging back in. Nothing changed. I was alittle scared. But some of my SC dropped I think. We both made artbooks warning people of it. And she got off without warning. I told another friend of this she said that has happened to her 3 times today. I started to sweat and she also got off without warning. I got off for the day. Even if it was just a glitch. It was very scary, If you are gonna play on the 30th, Please do so on a backup. If your backup has a profile that is 6+, Make a new account. And keep the profile low. like level 5- be safe and aware.

Some more INFO: I went to the Cafe chatroom (on my main) To see if this was real So apparently (im sorry if its spelt wrong Im canadian) The virus starts at 9PM And the grim reaper will be one of the hackers :/ So yeah beware, DONT COMMENT ON FORUMS THAT ARE CALLED LITTLE TEST!

Please message my main for more information (The Zoy) And if anything weird happens, like being logged out. log back on. And message me what happened (please put as much detail as you can, dont just say 'I GOT LOGGED OUT RANDOMLY' I need info)