The Death Cult (TDC for short) is an apparent hacking group on MovieStarPlanet (USA), said to have hacked over 30 people.

Who are the members in it?

There are 7 members, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink, followed by Member TDC (except for Pink, as Pink is the boss.) Ex: Red Member TDC. TDC has also found a way to silence their victims. You may receive a lock from MovieStarPlanet. This gang is definitely one to avoid. They will NOT hack you if you ask them to hack you.They tend to hack during live-streams and each member has different abilities:

  • Red and Orange - Hacks your account, but watches live-stream to see your reaction, then give it back.
  • Yellow and Green - Hacks account, keeps it for 3 days. (during those days they take your stuff and mess around and gift them to other players.
  • Blue - Hacks account, does not give it back! (Danger!) Gifts their accounts, recycles items they don't want. they get rid of all your items, and un-friends all the friends. They also act like you and breaks up with your boyfriend/girlfriend then blocks all the friends you had.
  • Purple - Same as blue, except deletes account!
  • Pink - Hacks computer.

(Red will message you first, and if you block her Orange will come on, and so on until Pink.)

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