We all probably know about the hacker, The Dolly. Most people dont know how to avoid her, Since the dolly viruses ended not to long ago, Here is some tips to prepare for the 2018 Dolly virus!


Tip 1: Avoid weird cafe rooms, Cafe chatrooms are commonly chosen for hackers to go to. go to very kind and childish ones like Theatre cafe. And dont go to ones like monster cafe or horror cafe. And, because of B7TY8, Avoid the sapphire chatroom. and PLEASE dont go in ones that have random numbers and letters. They are possesed rooms and are made by thecult and anon (2 fairly popular hackers)

Tip 2: Dont play during the 6th day of the month. these days are common days for hackers to hack. especially June. trust me, I got hacked from playing on the 6th day (by Unknown Female)

Tip 3: This one is super easy. Avoid anyone remotely close to dolly, they could be fake, yeah, but they might have the ability to hack. Plus it could be dolly's new account. if you find one. Block them, report them, and tell a packer hunter (preferably me) and change your password to something really hard to guess for others, but easy for you.

Tip 4: Keep yourself notified on the MSP hacker hunter wiki. This will keep you notified of any dolly viruses, or new accounts. you can also do this tip with other hackers, like miss filly.

Tip 5: Befriend Someone who HAS gone through dolly, and has been hacked, become friends and she/he can help you with anything like this.

Tip 6: this is probably the easiest one out of them all, DONT ACCEPT ANY DOLLY REQUESTS! Its SO easy, and nobody does it! Just decline, block them, report them, and change your password!

Tip 7: Be super nice to dolly, If she messages you,(or you message her and she replies) dont go freaking out and changing eveything and quitting. only need to do that if she threatens to hack you. So be super sweet and kind to her like How was your day? or do you want to be friends? ^^ Just be SUPER kind to her! Dont say ANYTHING. and I mean ANYTHING about her being a hacker! dont say anything like HACK ME MOMMY <3 or HACK ME YOU FAKE! Cause she could hack you. Fake or not.

Anyways I hope this helped! I worked really hard on this! this is my first ever article so sorry if its bad! And as always, prepare for the next hackers! These work for all hackers (except miss filly, idk about that)