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Her Profile

Who Is The Stuffed Toy?

The Stuffed Toy is a hacker On US MSP.


There apperance includes hair that has 2 sides with party streamers on it,the mummy mask,the 'Teeth' item,and the 'face-off' Item.

Hacking Powers

Her hacking skills is fairly unknown,since her victims are unknown too,she might be able to send viruses to your computer.


  • On her only artbook,2 commenters have said she can 'hack
  • She has a hacking team named 'ieoerror'.
  • Her only artbook is spelled backwards and if you switch them around you will get the word sinister which means something bad is going to happen.



Her only artbook

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A comment on the artbook.

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A string of comments on the artbook.

Screenshot 2017-06-15 at 7.14.31 PM

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