The Zoy (aka me) Is a very new hacker hunter, She can be very nice, but sometimes agressive. She likes to keep a high profile (level 8+)

Her look

  • Black and blue wolf ears
  • silver hair
  • blue eyes
  • lightning bolt tattoo
  • black jacket that exposes shoulders
  • silver skirt
  • black shoes
  • Umbrella

On her profile, She has 4 BFFS (please friend them o3o)

While hacker hunting, Zoy found 2 hackers that you should avoid, The Crimson Horror 987, and Justoldme666 (who hacked someone called whitefeather731)

Other facts

  • She is canadian o3o
  • In october she is going on VACA!
  • She plays on USA Msp
  • She has a french MSP
  • She has an anxiety disorder
  • She is inspired by Thecult
  • She has an animal jam account
  • She has a YT channel but rarely uses it
  • She has over 75 friends
  • She HATES pixi star
  • She likes to troll as Samantha (XD)
Zoy (me)

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