Who Is The Realclown?

The realclown is an apparent hacker on Moviestarplanet (UK).

Who Are Their Victims?

They only have one known user classified as a victim of The realclown, who is thepinkgali.

Some people have claimed to have seen her back and active. So she might have more victims soon.

What Does The Realclown Look Like?

2016 Starter clothes. She has bright red hair, green eyebrows, blue eyes, yellow lips, a cyan top, pink skirt, and no shoes.

The realclown

What Happens If You Get Hacked By Her?

If you are a new user at level 2, 3 or 4, you will get a message from her saying "you're next". After a few seconds, you will be logged out. The next time you log in, your status will be changed to "HCCED BY THE REALCLOWN (d)". She removes your shoes and your items. It's best new users stay away from this girl. She deletes your user too.

Don't worry, if you stay away from her you should be fine!

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