Who Is TheVivian?

TheVivian aka Flower is a hacker on MSP. (USA)

Msp Thevivian02:48

Msp Thevivian

They haven't hacked very many people, but they only have one known victim which is Cuteblondegirlie, and has apparently joined up with devils; but has been locked out forever by staff. It is not known if they have a new account.

(She apparently has a good internet friendship with Boca, aka BocaBubblezUSMSP.)

Who Do They Hack?

  • People who have just recently started MovieStarPlanet.
  • People level 6+ and people who have had VIP (including highscores who have had VIP.)

What Happens When They Hack You?

They'll change your clothes, status and password. If you bother them, they'll get your account locked forever or deleted. They change your status to "The dolls have attacked (d) packed by TheVivian"


  • Their name reminds people of the UK account Vivian who was a victim of Grim Reaper but it's impossible to know if they're TheVivian.

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