Typical Tipwatch look

Tipwatch was a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK).

All though many people speculate Tipwatch was/is a fake hacker.


Tipwatch is a well known hacker on Moviestarplanet. How, and when exactly they appeared is unknown. However, it is evident that at some point on MSP, possibly early 2013, that the hacker Tipwatch left such a big impact that MSP have blocked all ways of searching them, giving many the idea that they did something as terrible as Anonymous and Grim Reaper .

Msp Tipwatch Warning01:16

Msp Tipwatch Warning


Tipwatch is known to wear a long, orange t-shirt, purple leggings, have some black and white trainers and have orange/red-ginger hair. She doesn't wear scary clothes like most hackers.


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