Who is twisted Nerve? Twisted nerve is a whistle hacker, To make it easier she is Miss filly. Twisted nerve Hacked in 2016, Lot's of people never believed Twisted nerve was Filly at All. She uses the infamous Twisted Nerve whistle which was stared in 2016 film Kill Bill, When Bill ( I think ) Was trying to kill a Victim?

When and Who did she Hack?

Basically 2013, When Miss filly hacked because she is her? She hacked users who annoyed her as of example, It is told Twisted nerve hacked her for back in 2014, Bugged her. It is known that Flakey was a big Target of Twisted Nerve/Miss Filly.

Has she been around recently (as of Sept/August 2017) No, Simply what I have heard Twisted nerve or Miss filly have not hacked this year, though there is still 4 months of 2017 left. Rumor debunks.

  • She is Annoymous

No she isn't if she is against Anonymous, and TheCult.

  • Miss Filly is grim

No, Because Grim is a Boy I think?? and Miss Filly is a girl.

  • Miss filly has something to do with the anon virus

No, she really despises Anonymous.

This isn't really a Debunk.

  • TheCult Hacked Miss Filly.

This is true and this is why she despises TheCult, Too.

Thank you, If you have any other knowledge of Twisted nerve tell me!

Evie Just The Hacker theorizer.