Who Is The Unknown Female?

Unknown female

Unknown Female

Unknown Female, also known as Deleted Female is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (USA, UK, CA, and Irish). Unknown Female is a deleted user who will friend MSP users. She cannot be found, and even if you decline the request you are still her victim. She has also teamed up with the Unknown Male group.

What Does Unknown Female Do?

Unknown Female began to hack users in January 2013, but left shortly after she came. On 3/28/16 she came back and began to hack users and their computers. First, she will friend you and within 5 to 10 minutes, and your account will get logged out. A few seconds later your computer will shut down.

Once you turn your computer on, there will be a picture downloaded into the corner of your screen. The picture shows the deleted user who asked to be your friend, standing in front of blood. She can hack you when you're on computer (not admin) or app. Be careful.

Unknown Female has hacked over 15 people a day. As far as your actual MovieStarPlanet account goes, Unknown Female doesn't take any of your stuff as far as people know, however she may change your status. Whether she takes any of your things from the computer is still a mystery, and anti-virus software may stop her, or it won't. Perhaps not deadly, but definitely scary.

If the conspiracy theories are true, she could've hacked many times before, and seems to be proving her skills by hacking into your computer too. Only once she didn't hack into somebody's computer, but that was when she first started in her hacking career. She has made a massive comeback since then.

What Does The Unknown Female Look Like?

This deleted user has short ginger-orange hair, red eyes, a bunny shirt, faded blue jeans, red high heels, and a pale skin tone.

How Can I Stay Safe?

So far it seems that Unknown Female avoids users using Puffin, and who have logged onto the Admin MSP and Puffin, but still, app and normal MSP are still targets.