Black Knight 5694

aka Julia Da Unicorn

  • I live in Moviestarplanet xD
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is To be a Black knight
  • I am Female
  • Black Knight 5694

    Leaving :(

    June 4, 2016 by Black Knight 5694

    Hey Guys,

    Sad News. My Black Knight acc is not hacked or anything, Msp changed my pass to a different pass that i dont know. so i sent them an email and i got a reply. sorry i have to leave my account is unactive. :( Here is the picture.

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  • Black Knight 5694

    Hey People of the internet!

    So my Account on the UK has not been working because i have changed my pass and it was not connected to an email because when i sent the emails they didnt come through. i have emailed msp and hopefully get it back. but i will contutue my research only if i get my account back. And if i dont be online on my BK account thats because the pass doesnt work :( So... yeah thats it really. So yeah  bye!

    From Julia

    ( aka Black Knight 5694 )

    Socal Stuffies :3

    Yt - XxItzJuliaxX Gaming. - juliadaunicornn

    Instagram - 21.05.06

    Snapchat - juliadaunicornn


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  • Black Knight 5694

    Dolly Virus

    June 1, 2016 by Black Knight 5694


    So on the UK server, There has been rumor called the 'dolly virus' i stayed until 9pm and there was nothing No Numbered Chatrooms,NO ANYTHING! and i offciallly Said " ITS FAKE" and there is nothing to worry about. People were saying they were 'Hacked' by the dolly when they look fine and didnt look Hacked. so we are safe and sound! ( as i far as i know) ;-;

    From Julia Da Unicorn

    ( Black Knight 5694 )

    Socal Stuffies

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  • Black Knight 5694


    June 1, 2016 by Black Knight 5694

    Hey Guys.

    This Is not Hacker but she is a Bully. She has been calling people Name like my friend 0507 got said She is liar when she isnt. Watch out for this Woman She think im 5 years old when im not. im Honestly done with this lola and i had enough of her! And she saying she's in year 10 but look at her fashion choices.

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  • Black Knight 5694


    So i've heard that grim is coming back on 3rd of june! i read a MSP Forum but i think its fake because grim came ages ago. so i wouldnt be scared, i think a person is scared and made a forum about it. So idk i think i wont sort it out because i think its fake.

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