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  • DarrkKnight332

    Hi guys, i just went to go on UK moviestarplanet and this stuff came up, its really weirdd...... o.o

    It said, error, dangerous request

    and a whole bunch of other stuff that really confused me, the thing is we usually get this stuff, i do alot as well, and it would say "please come back" but it said server error in "/" just a /??

    I am really confused, because MSP usually has some information in that "."

    And it usually doesn't come up like that, i am sooo confused right now, it went back to normal but there was a noob boy on the screen so i refreshed, because people are usually wearing the theme's clothes but he was like a normal noob guy.

    Can anyone explain this to me or tell me if they had this before?

    3 By the way when i refreshed i saw 777 on…
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  • DarrkKnight332

    TheWindowGirl, i have already made a Wall post about her. Shes very creepy, you get hacked, hear weird noises, and get flashes on your screen, the flashes usually have creepy messages, but are not true. Like "Close your window at night, because i will be there" don't believe her, and if your not brave, no offense but you shouldn't be a hacker hunter. If you don't get sleep over hackers, don't be a hacker hunter. And if you are terribly bad, quit msp altogether and there will be NO WORRYING :) As i was saying. TheWindowGirl, has the axe animation, which is rare and is taken off msp, a stitched face, long black hair or long black hair in plaits, there is always different outfits so i can't explain that. Okay, now another topic, Anon's Virus,…

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  • DarrkKnight332

    My Account

    January 2, 2016 by DarrkKnight332

    Welcome to my Profile, i help people getting hacked! You guessed it, im a hacker Hunter, please become one too! We can defeat them all! Lets make msp a better place, by joining the hacker hunting crew! Its called the Rebels , we have come for revenge, NO MORE HACKERS please, msp is already infested with them! We just CAN'T have more! I have been hacked over 5 times, its not nice,  i don't want anyone else to feel the pain, so STOP HACKING, and START HUNTING -DarrkKnight332

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