It is clear that most hackers are making a return in 2016. Like for example, there was reports about twisted nerve, miss outrage, unknown female/male, and many more. Innocent victims are constantly getting hacked in 2016. Some are more dangerous than others for example, unknown male, twisted nerve, and a couple of others. However, never underestimate the power of a hacker.

Pixie Sticks As we know as pixi star, she is not considered as a hacker but some theory that pixi is constantly stalking us and hacked Samantha (extra) however, none of them have been proven to be completely true. However, pixi star does stalk us a little. I was on USA msp when I was in Korea and it was 3 am in the morning but the only one who was on was pixi star. I felt creeped out by her constantly stalking me non-stop. Some people think that pixi hacked Samantha (extra) even though there is not much evidence proving that pixi is a hacker. However when pixi was "hacked" she had a bandaged black mask, the bloody eyes, and more. But she did not change her status. So most movie stars think that the hacker that hacker pixi was to lazy to change it. At least that's what I think.

Hacking Season Black knight 777 made a video about this (check it out) Hacking season is when over 100 victims were hacked out of the blue. There are tons of videos and pictures of the innocent movie stars getting hacked by hackers who returned for 2016 no one knows why the hackers are most active at this time but I have a theory that the hackers return some where through January- April is because they think it is the best time to return to hack. Even I started during hacking season of 2014 o.o I do t think people know exactly why hackers are returning in early spring and may. But tell me if you know please :3

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