aka Candace

  • I was born on August 14
  • I am Female
  • MaixDaughterxOfxMakeficent

    So everyone I was just saying hi to everyone in my messages when I stopped at a deleted user who was online somehow and they messaged me saying "Gothic is great gothic is a ruby 1...2...3 im ready to pack you!" I was like 'huh?' Then I looked up to see if the deleted user had messaged me before and they sure did! They put 'Hi (Smiley face)' and 'REPLY!' And then a few days later GothicRuby123 came to punish me! And today I recently asked GothicRuby123 why she hacks me and she replied 'You ignored me and I wanted to get you! Remember the words 'hi' and 'REPLY' that was me! Now I see you were to busy talking to your little perfect freinds 'Star' and 'Lovely' aswell as 'Dat Gir' I guess you didn't like low levels?" I was very surprised and I …

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