Hi everyone! Today I would like to talk about my fanfiction based off of MSP Hackers. It's called Life With MSP Hackers. It's about Tawna "living" with seven infamous hackers. They are: Anonymous, TheCult, Grim Reaper, Miss Filly, Terrigang, The Dolly, Unknown Female, and Miss Outrage. How did Tawna got with the hackers? Well, she was sorta kidnapped by Grim. Grim told her that she needed help from a victim of hers' and chose Tawna (it was originally suppose to Vivian but she was nowhere to be found). They also have to get away from hacker hunters, Jemmass Hole, BlackKnight777, and Gator Gerhardt, who are trying to ban the hackers forever. Other hackers are in this story. Including Raid Net, Zalgo, Kensai, Myhour, The Clown, etc. I haven't wrote it yet but I'm planning on it :D Please tell me what you think about it and please tell me some good ideas for the plot and characters :D