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  • Minn66

    I was in Pixi Star's room(on AU msp), when I saw the dolly doing her dance, and once girl was like "guys run!! i think shes packing me" (exact words) most of us exited out of the chatroom(including me). I don't have a pic, sorry cuz I was worried of getting THE HECK OUTTA THERE. But it was this accounts:

    On a realated note, there is a possible hacker (dont kno if shes real) named VanessaIsComing4U, My cousin in britan told me. You guys should check her out, or else Pixi could become the next Samantha (kudos if u know what im talking about). Message her/nose around shes on frequntley giving her warnings(SHE LITERALY GOES AROUND CHATROOMS TELLING PEOPLE NOT TO BOTHER HER).

    PS. I reccomend that u use admin.moviestarplanet because it may be safe…

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  • Minn66

    My Hacked Story

    May 4, 2016 by Minn66

    So I started out on AU msp. My name was JamBam2, lvl 7 or something. I was hacked by a girl named PinkBeauty999 or something similar.. My email was not redgistered. That very hour, several people wearing black were walking around; asking people if they wanted to be super VIP. One asked me, starting to pressure me and get impaient, and I said no.She simply said "OK". So PinkBeauty sent me a very similar message. She wasn't like the others, she kind of looked like the dolly (Pink dress, light brown hair) but with snowy-white skin and a face. She sent me a friend request about a week or two before. I said no thanks, I got no response. She said "give me five minutes". I was confused, and then the screen said Logging Out... I couldn't get in, a…

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