I was in a chatroom looking at a so called hacker's profile, and when I went out of the profilr, I saw someone with Uknown Female's character standing there. She had everything thing right. She was a deeted uer. Everything was perfect from toes to the top of her head. And I was about to say it in a group chat and she requested me. ;-; I began to shake so hard... I was like " Please be a troll! " And people on phone said she wasn't there. Then she messaged me " Are you scared " And we all began to freak out. xD They wanted me to add her to the chat, but I told them " She's deleted, I can't " I ignored the request and ignored what she said. I logged out of my account and I don't know what to do now... I am just praying to god that my computer doesn't shut down... ;-; What do I do?

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