So today I went onto msp, and I was getting alot of messages saying people were getting hacked by Miss Filly. Other were saying they heard the whistle. The rest all said they say the user; ''''Twisted nerve. e.0 I was like, what's happening? I was getting enough messages about people being hacked by Grim ( Maybe I should just stop going inot chatrooms? Cx) and now Miss Filly!?!? In the code, Grim Fate did mention that other hackers were coming back, we got the order, and it just seems....weird? Or a coincidence? I'm sorry to say, but the code went like; Grim, Anon, Dolly and Something Sighting... And don't forget, Miss Filly is Anonymous...I know msp's hacking year is 2016, but this is absurd! xD                                                                                                                                                                     And if Metal Chains wants to delete mp in 2017, why not just team up then?! I really feel like messaging Grim Fate for details, but she seems way too O.P at the time of basically owning msp, I could be hacked. Maybe they are deleting it together? Maybe they need to realise that they are going way too far for a childrens' game....

But anyways, what do you think is going to happen?

~ Black Knight 413

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