im  trying SO hard with my movies and sm's like all the other SM makers do, its just that when ever i publish them nobody(though some others do) watches. i  spend about MORE than 20 minutes to actually do. And 10 minutes later, no one has watched any, then I wait longer, 1 hour later nobody STILL hasnt watched.then i come up with the nerve to make a 4-minute-long movie , but then guess what? nobody watches. This is exactly why i hate this,  barely nobody appreciates my hard work i put into movies,and its putting me off hacker hunting.  now im thinking of quitting movie making, but im sure thatll never happen. others say that you should keep promoting your movies so that it can get views,but ofc, im not causing lag for the others that are online. What should I do? Quit Movie making or just continue?

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