Greetings Everyone!

I have enjoyed my recent comeback to this wikia, but unfortunately I have chose to draw this to an end. I have decided to have a hiatus beginning from Monday 21st November - Friday 9th December. This is a hiatus that is quite short; however please do expect me to take little breaks from now often because I have to revise and complete Controlled Assesments, Mock Examinations and GCSEs. And remember - I will take a HUGE break for my three GCSEs that I will be completing at the end of my summer term.

Screenshot from 2016-11-21 18-47-06

These will last for around a month, maybe even more; but this is just an estimation and nothing more. I will miss all of you - but this is mandatory to go throuhg if I want to do the best I can at my exams. I hope to see you soon, and I'll try my best!

See you soon!

With love, 

                 Admin Tawna

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