aka Miranda

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on November 21
  • Queenossssx

    ​So as normal, i have logged in, on UK MSP. It was 9PM, i go to horror cafe and then..

    Grim fate 1 !>: don't cry, my baby. Don't say no words, i'll pack you, so don't find out who i am (d) x-o  ​I thought,

    Is this a joke :'DD Nothings happening? So fake?

    And i add her to the chat, and say: ​Are you kidding me? You're so fake? Please. Stop.

    ​Then i was logged out o-o First i thaught, thatit was just the lagg. But then i want to log in, Passw folt.

    I go to my other acc, and i saw a message,

    Don't hope so hard, you'll never get this acc back (d) (d)'​'

    Ofc, i was scared, so i send an email to change my passw, it works..

    My passw has been changed, ofc.

    ​And i've changed my passw. It works, i have my acc back. But i don't know what to do? I've blocked …

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