The Alphabet Crybaby

aka Michelle :)

  • I live in Ireland 🇮🇪
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Loving Melanie Martinez, Ed Sheeran and TØP wbu?
  • I am Female (:
  • The Alphabet Crybaby

    Hey! So today (31 Sunday July) Dolly made a forum on UK. It went something like this:

    2011 was a fake

    2012 was the best year

    2013 was a good year

    2014 was scary

    2015 was a comeback

    2016 beware

    This is not the exact thing she said but it was something like that.

    Idk if she was fake but just a warning.

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  • The Alphabet Crybaby

    Hey guys! Michelle here and I have a little story.

    It is about my encounter with The Green Mist

    So my friend was telling me about her (she's level 5) and she said she got hacked by her. She claims that she only hacks noobs, but I didn't know if it was true... So I went on my hacker bait (nicegirl2date) and chatted to her


    Me: Ha lol fake

    Green Mist: want to come in the woods with me (d)

    Me: Fake 

    I logged off for a little while ( she didn't log me off) When I came on, it said 'Swept Away In the Woods by the Green Mist' 

    Help me is she real? 😭

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  • The Alphabet Crybaby

    Umm do we go online to get hacked or do you get hacked online and offline?? How do you nod get hacked?? It's nearly May 31st ): Scared ):

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  • The Alphabet Crybaby

    So umm, on my UK main... On 22nd May 2016, I went on the horror Cafe.... I found lots of 'hackers'. Yesterday I found a deleted user as well o.o But someone help me, are they hackers or all just fake? I'm not sure about the girl that got hacked my miss filly or the grim hackers, but the broken doll???? Is that a possible new hacker?

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