Hi, I found this hacker called "where black" (He doesn't know how to spell xD) but... I found him in a cafe... do any of you guys know if he's real?? I was looking in his guestbook and saw two people, it said "packed (d)" in his guestbook. Two other people, were saying that he was fake. I'm really confused on if he is real or not xD, so if any of you guys were packed by him, or have a friend packed by him.... tell me. Thanks!
Bandicam 2016-09-24 17-19-55-436

His profile

Bandicam 2016-09-24 17-20-10-872

His profile

Bandicam 2016-09-24 17-20-37-010

His guestbook

Bandicam 2016-09-24 17-21-01-393

A look of his.

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